Writer’s Block, My Old Friend

Do you know what I’m supposed to be doing right now? Sitting in the basement of a church participating in a free write during my community writing group—spinning a short piece of fiction using tonight’s prompt. Do you know what I’m actually doing right now?Well, I was flip flopping between…

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Broken-Hearted Girl

I’m proud to announce that I got a flash fiction piece “Broken-Hearted Girl” published in Issue #1 of Pastel Pastoral Literary Magazine! I was inspired to write this piece at my writer’s group after listening to Dizzy’s song Joshua on the ride over. I hope you’ll enjoy it! “My mother…

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Blink. Breathe.

Blink. Remember when I created this blog with every intention of posting a flash fiction piece every Friday, and sprinkling my followers with little insightful blog posts throughout the month? … Let’s all laugh together at how quickly I failed at this. I don’t feel guilty. My older sister, for…

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