Blink. Breathe.

Blink. Remember when I created this blog with every intention of posting a flash fiction piece every Friday, and sprinkling my followers with little insightful blog posts throughout the month? … Let’s all laugh together at how quickly I failed at this. I don’t feel guilty. My older sister, for…

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

One of my favorite things about growing older is discovering how much of myself is made up of my parents. As much as I’d like to think I alone have molded myself into the person I am today, it’s simply false. My mother and father have been there the whole…

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Short and Sweet.

“I need to read more. I just can’t find the time.”“My attention span is too short for reading.”“I don’t know the last time I’ve read a book.” These are all real sentences from real people I’ve heard in the last few months. Some said to me, some snippets from conversations…

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