24 Hour Play Festival

24 hours to write, rehearse, direct, and perform a play. Could you do it? I’ve always loved creative challenges. When I was a sophomore in high school, I dove headfirst into National Novel Writing Month and wrote 100,000 words of a novel during the month of November (I’ve completed that…

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Blue Shell

I woke up today and felt… off. Energy depleted. Motivation gone. I stayed in bed until 1:00pm, got up only to eat brunch my husband prepared, and then promptly crawled back into my dark bedroom for the next few hours. I couldn’t figure it out. Why was I feeling this…

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Journaling My Way Through a Pandemic

On March 13 2020, an eerie silence crept its way through our ReStores. There were few customers that day, and those who came stood far away, avoiding eye contact, as if that was how this new mysterious disease spread. And maybe it did? I told my coworker Jerome, “The world…

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