Creaky Stairs:
A Book of Dark Truths

Thrilling tales of despair litter the countryside of Rustle County, where children have been disappearing for hundreds of years. This collection of terrifying short stories details the odious occurrences that have haunted Boltsville for generations. Follow Sheriff LeBuff and his affable deputy, Officer LeBlanc, as they try to piece together the dark mystery.

Not Quite As You Were Told
From a runaway goddess hiding in a cave to a lawyer shaking things up in a 1960s courtroom, this collection brings together stories of mythology, suspense, fantasy, and drama. Each of the thirteen stories features women acting not quite as they were told by society. Contemporary characters rise up to face loss, find closure, and even become “unholy avengers,” proving that women can be as dynamic in fiction as they are in real life. There are sirens and witches, widows and teenagers—all women you won’t soon forget.

The Secrets We Keep
In this sophomore anthology from Dandelion Revolution Press, a diverse tapestry of characters are woven together by one thing: the desire to keep a secret.
From the enchanted hills of Ireland to the bustling cities of India, women wrestle with the secrets they keep and if they are bold enough to expose the truth. Sixteen stories, richly steeped in realistic and fantastical worlds alike, follow characters who navigate hard choices and rewrite their realities. Embark on these unforgettable journeys of hope, repentance, and authenticity. Extraordinary women of all ages-from all ages-bend in their attempt to balance culture with their calling.
But will they break?

Literary Magazines & Online Publications

“Broken-Hearted Girl” published by Pastel Pastoral Magazine (2021).

“Remember Me” published by CP Quarterly (2019).

Other Projects

Short Film written by Paige Gardner and Bruce Logan (2020)

Study Abroad Blog, February – June 2015.

Final Project for Class during Study Abroad (2015)

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