Broken-Hearted Girl

I’m proud to announce that I got a flash fiction piece “Broken-Hearted Girl” published in Issue #1 of Pastel Pastoral Literary Magazine! I was inspired to write this piece at my writer’s group after listening to Dizzy’s song Joshua on the ride over. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

My mother was the one who found it. I had to tell her what happened, when she barged into the bedroom with it still beating in her palms.”

I’m going to use this fun announcement to throw in ANOTHER fun announcement!

For Bucks County/Philadelphia friends, Dandelion Revolution Press will be holding a Publication Party in the Park on Sunday, August 1! This will be at Peace Valley Park Pavilion 3, and you’re welcome to drop by anytime between 12 and 5 for some refreshments & live readings. I will be doing a live reading at 4:30! Stop by and say hi!!!

And hey, while I’m at it, why not link some Virtual Readings I’ve done for those folks who can’t come out to my in-person reading on August 1!

Reading my stories is both one of my biggest joys AND biggest anxieties. I’m hoping to do it more in the future, and continue to improve. Always the goal! Eternally grateful to each person who listens to my work, reads my work, or even quietly supports from afar. You are the real MVPs!!! ❤

“The Keeper” Virtual Reading June 2021

Reading begins 3 minutes 15 seconds in

“The Woman in the Cotton Candy House” Virtual Reading April 2020

Reading begins 3 minutes 20 seconds in

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