Fast Fiction: The Dog Named Kitty

Short excerpt from a fictional short story I’m working on. Enjoy! The dog named Kitty was Anise’s idea, naturally. She had been requesting a furry companion daily by then, and who was Louis to deny his dying wife the joy of a man’s best friend? Louis himself had never been a dog person, has neverContinue reading “Fast Fiction: The Dog Named Kitty”

Fast Fiction: Missing Person

5 months. 14 days. 6 hours. 12 minutes. That’s how long since the last time I’ve seen her face. Narrow nose, kissed by the sun, as evident by the freckles that cover it like stars do the sky.  Short hair, curls so tight they move as one entity when she walks, skips, dances.  Dark eyes.Continue reading “Fast Fiction: Missing Person”

Fast Fiction: Art Class

I stare at myself in the small rectangular mirror that sits propped up on the desk, and focus on the small hairs that connect my two eyebrows. Or what I thought were two eyebrows. “Be honest with me, have my eyebrows always looked this way?” I ask, squinting my eyes and leaning closer to examineContinue reading “Fast Fiction: Art Class”